What Shapes of Sunglasses are More Feminine?

Sunglasses are an essential summer accessory. It not only protects you from the harmful UV sun rays, but also helps to keep-up the style factor. But, there are different styles available to suite the feminine look and it can be a studious task to choose which one is the most pleasing for you.

Having a top quality lens makes the way for consistent eye care. You cannot simply go to the market or order it online, you firstly need to identify which is the best one that suit your face. While going to decide upon purchasing the sunglasses, primarily you need to determine the face shape and then choose a pair of glasses that suits your personal style.

Determine Your Face Shape

Your face can be round, oval, square, oblong or heart-shaped. You can simply take a photo of your face, facing the camera. You can use the tracing paper to outline the face that helps to determine the exact shape of your face.

If you do not have the camera, you can look in the mirror and trace the edges of your face. With this, you can easily identify your face shape.

Here is the guide, how you can identify the perfect feminine sunglasses.

Square Face Shape

Strong jaw line and wide cheekbones make the great look with the aviator-shaped sunglasses. With this strong shaped face, the round and curvy shaped glasses also work well.

Aviator lenses are considered as the best for a square face. Round and oval shaped frames also looks great. Rectangular shaped frames are the unisex option for ladies. Give a try to Chic classic style glasses.

Round Face Shape

This soft face shape requires the glasses with frames slightly wider than the face. The angular styled glasses can break the roundness and lengthen your face. A strong brow area on your glasses can make the face shape more defined.

Wayfarer and Cat-eye frames give the feminine unisex appeal and complimenting the round face as well.

Oblong Face Shape

To give the overall balance to your face, it is better to choose the glasses that should extend beyond the width of your head.

Square or round shaped glasses can be the best bet to enhance your look. Aviators are the unisex option that keeps your look casual. Square glasses with its round edges compliment the oblong face.

Oval Face Shape

Oval-shaped face goes between the round and oblong face shape.

Aviators and cat-eye lens work well for this type of shape. Circular frames & Mod rims works towards slimming the oval face.

Diamond Face Shape

Pointed chin with wide cheekbones look great with retro shaped lenses such as cat-eyed and rectangular shaped glasses. Cat eye glasses are available with varying color and design options for personalized Ray-Ban style. Wayfarer sunglasses are also an amazing option to choose from different color options.

The best possible way to get the right pair of sunglasses is to try a few pairs. Use this guide and pick a pair of glasses that suits best to your feminine look.