Get the Most Flattering Hair Color by Talking to Your Hair Stylist

Should you start looking for hair salons specializing in color? If you have fallen in love with that outrageous red hair of your favorite actress while walking down the red carpet or your think the new honey highlights of your colleague will also look great on you, then, it is time that you look for a salon that will help you achieve your dream hair color.

The hair coloring experience at a salon is both a pampering and relaxing one. But before the procedure itself, consultation comes first. This is where the make or break part comes. You get to talk while your stylist listens and vice versa until you reach an agreement on what will happen to your tresses.

For you to ensure supreme satisfaction, there are several things you should do when talking to your hair stylist.

Show Then Tell

Sure, you can describe that lovely balayage you have always imagined in your mind’s eye but it is also important to take lots of photos with you. In case you can’t find a photo with the exact shade you like, you can always combine inputs from several photos to give your stylist a good idea of what you want.

Be Yourself

Make sure you inform your stylist about your lifestyle for her to ensure that the color she makes will really suit that lifestyle. If you don’t, you will find it stressful trying to keep the style and color.

Be Realistic

Aside from being yourself, knowing yourself is also important. You have to know that the length, condition, and texture of your hair as well as your age have a say on what you can and can’t do as far as your hair color is concerned. Almost everything is possible but have you really braced yourself for the numerous visits required to lighten your dark brown hair of mid back length to platinum blonde and maintain it this way? You probably haven’t yet. Your stylist will let you know what is doable and what is not so make sure you pay attention to what she has to say.

Don’t Forget Your Skin

Your natural complexion has a big impact on what colors will look best on you and what won’t. For instance, you will look amazing with a sandy beige or rich chocolate brown hair if you are a pink-cheeked porcelain doll. On the other hand, golden blonde hair will only make you look as if you ate some bad mushrooms. For your stylist to have an easier time assessing your skin tone, don’t apply foundation when getting your hair color and just go bare face.

Know Your Hair’s Current Condition

Modern hair colors are great as they contain a lot of nourishing and conditioning ingredients that it is sometimes healthier if you have hair color than not. But, this is not always applicable since hair color remains to be a chemical treatment that changes your hair’s structure to alter the shade. If you have damaged hair in the first place, you will only go for more damage. Listen to your stylist if she tells you to use conditioning treatments or such. A keratin treatment salon may help you here.